1000 degree KNIFE VS LIGHTER

When you find yourself clicking around YouTube, there are many types of videos. Some are informative, others can teach you a thing or two, and then there are some that are just downright useless bust also have a rather stout entertainment factor that you simply can’t pass up.

We would be inclined to say that this video put out by the Mr. Gear YouTube channel would manage to wander its way into that third category and that’s not necessarily a bad thing, either, because honestly, it had us watching from start to finish with attentive eyes like children staring down something sugary in a candy store.

In this one, it looks like the wacky YouTube creator is at it again with the off-the-wall experiments, this time revolving around a knife that he claims is heated up to somewhere in the vicinity of 1000° before being put to the test against Lighters.

Check Out the video Below and see whats happens!