40 MPH Gas Power Wheels

When you think Power Wheels, you think of a small and very limited toy vehicle that is used for small children and designed to not go fast enough for them to injure themselves.

Now, when such a vehicle goes head-to-head with someone who is as power-hungry as we are, you see the modification start to come alive and bring this dull toy to life!

Now, we’ve seen the toys be converted to 24-volts in favor of their 12-volt factory system, using just a couple of handy modifications. However, this time, we check out what is more of a complete overhaul as the original electric system is completely foregone in favor of a gas powered setup.

When all is said and done, the combination at hand is capable of rocketing to up to 40 mph. Check out exactly what this custom Power Wheels construction is capable of down in the video below. We take it that this isn’t going to be a ride for a child any longer!