$40,000 Thermal Camera – Watching Engines Warm Up

When watching different engines heat up using a $40k Flir T1K thermal camera. the two engines being observed include a 2016 Subaru Crosstrek on the left, which has a 2 liter boxer four-cylinder engine, and a 2002 Honda S2000 on the right, which has a 2 liter inline-four cylinder engine.

“All of the temperature data points, one through five, represent the exact thing for each vehicle, measured in Celsius. Point one is the exterior temperature of the oil filter, point 2 is the heater core coolant line, point three is the top radiator hose, point four is the front of the engine block, and point five is the intake manifold, before the air is distributed to each of the cylinders. Both of the engines start at the exact same time, so you can compare these figures directly based on the time stamp shown on screen.”

Take a look below and watch the engines heat up in thermal vision, a look you normally can’t see from any other camera in the3 world!