4000lb Pneumatic Can Crusher C10 Truck

system is extremely fast. I have huge valves, huge lines and no silencers or slow down valves. Creates an extremely fast drop and fast lift. Most are not this fast. The biggest benefit of air ride suspension is the fact that ride height is easily and quickly adjustable. That is important for several reasons. Your car can be low, very low, when parked or driving slowly, but you can raise it if necessary. This may not seem like a huge deal until you encounter a speed bump or decide to let your friend take your car for a drive. It will allow you to raise the car when cruising on the highway or driving long distances, avoiding the problems associated with extreme lowering and the resulting changes in suspension geometry and alignment, which can wear out tires and axles. Air suspension also gives you a smooth ride, which is also nice on those long drives. Of course, in the truck scene, lower is better. We’ve all heard the old adage “If you ain’t rubbin, you ain’t dubbin” which is a testament to this mindset. If you want to be able to get low without the headaches that arise when trying to drive your truck with almost no ground clearance, air is a good option. An added bonus is the convenience of always having compressed air available for filling tires or using pneumatic tools.