44k Original Mile Oldsmobile Jetfire V8 TURBO

Whenever we come across a barn find, we can’t help but have our interest be piqued at the time capsule of sorts that has just been left to sit and rot.

While all of the finds are interesting in their own right, sometimes you come across a ride that really is something special and we think that this Oldsmobile is that ride.

Rocking a nameplate that many have probably never even heard of, this 44,000 original mile car is known as an Oldsmobile Jetfire, a car that was way ahead of its time if you ask us.

Uncommon for the time, this thing sports a forced induction V8, coming with a turbocharged power plant straight out of the factory. The owner was even given a water methanol mix to ensure proper cooling. That same factory mix was found in the trunk of the car today – how cool is that!?

Check out the barn find in the video below that is found in a very clean an original state. It is a true treat to find something that is this close to the way that it rolled off of the assembly line all of these years later.