5000lbs loaded in a Ford F-450

One of the most admirable features of heavy duty trucks is the fact that you can load them up with all sorts of cargo and many of them will eat it up like cake on their birthday.

Depending on the truck, you can go really big with the cargo load and this time, we check out a situation in which a Ford F-450 is loaded to the brim with water bottles. While they might not seem like substantial weight, when you get two pallets full of them, the game changed a little bit.

We watch as this F-450 is stacked high with water and doesn’t even flinch. In addition, the person behind the video seems to have some keen insight on exactly what’s happening to the suspension when you beat on it with excessive weight.

Check out the video below and tell us what you think of this display of pure suspension power. This thing really takes a beating and looks like it can take more!