A Corvette Wagon??? The Chevy Corvette Callaway AeroWagen is a Real Thing

Callaway has come out with quite the body modifaction for the new Corvette… And we can’t say we are surprised someone did this but we are glad someone did just so we can see what it looks like. It is definitley odd looking but to each his own, whould you do it?

The AeroWagen Kit is available on any Callaway custom Corvette or any C7 that has not been modified, This includes the Grand Sport and the Corvette Z06. All the conversion does is swap out the original hatchback with the AeroWagen one.

From what we found Callaway is able to do the conversion at its shops in Connecticut, California, or at its partner retailers. The standard kit will run you around $15,000 so you are going to need to fork up a little money to have that desired AeroWagen look!