Trent Eschete’s ’87 Chevy C10 with model Dani Felli

1987 Chevrolet truck dragging 2- 2 5/16 trailer balls upside down  finished  doing the suspension and now  dragging frame. Wheels are 22″ with a 265/35 tire.

Ever wonder how dragging trucks produce a good spark show. Some  drag the hell out of the rockers and the frame, but if you want a good spark show you need DRAG BLOCKS  and really have  a good spark show. Most people use titanium blocks because they  last long and i know they look bad ass when their on and Ur dragging. they give a bright white spark.  Titanium is not necessarily hard. It’s just tougher. The molecules don’t separate as easy as say, tool steel. Thus, it takes more energy to separate the particles and turn them into sparks when you drag. This heats them up to a hotter temp and resulting color, than if you drag tool steel.