Ballistic Cycles Famous Hubless Wheel Setup, Twin Turbo Harley Bagger!

The beautiful thing about building your own machine is that you can pretty much take it any direction that you want. As long as you have the skills and money to back up the parts that you need, you can create anything from a basic and clean ride to an eccentric powerhouse that captures attention everywhere that goes.

This time, we right along with a motorcycle that falls into the latter as this thing is really insane to watch when it rolls down the street with its hubless wheel setup. Basically, the way that it’s put together, it makes it look like the front wheel is pretty much floating as it rolls along down the street.

To top it all off, as if this clever feat of engineering weren’t enough, the bike is topped off with some skillful bodywork and a whole pallet of bright colors that really bring the entire look together and make this machine something that just about any motorcycle fanatic would be proud to hop on and go for a ride.

Check out the video below that showcases a mesmerizing display and all that the bike is doing is simply rolling down the street! We have to give a big thumbs up and kudos to Ballistic Cycles as they put in the hard work to bring this thing together in a way that will have onlookers breaking their necks to get a peek.