Street Outlaws Big Chief in the Crowmod vs The World! Kye Kelly, Jeff Lutz and More!

When it comes to Big Chief and the guys at Midwest Street Cars, we’re pretty sure that Justin (big chief for those who don’t know) will race just about anyone that wants to pull up next to him, from the street to the track he doesen’t care. The venue American Outlaws Live was certainly the best place for that to go down.

In this video, Chief is faced by a group of impressive racers as he cracks off runs one after another, the car was running great that day. In addition, we get to see the likes of Daddy Dave, Street Beast Doc and a couple of other competitors that you might just recognize from the TV show Street Outlaws.

Check out the video below that brings the racing action to your phone or computer screen as you get some extra footage of some of the baddest and fastest street and track racers in the world that you have never see TV.