can your truck do this

If you have a truck that is jacked to the sky and fitted with some of the most radical off-road equipment, one of the things that you’re going to want to do is put it the test to see how well it all works.

Nobody wants to build a machine that looks the part but can’t play the part, right? On second thought, I guess that is the big chromed out mall crawlers do have their place somewhere in the landscape but you most definitely cannot accuse this Chevy of falling in that group.

Sure, the truck might not look too aggressive when compared to a purpose built mud machine. It does, after all, look like a truck that is very worthy of being tagged and regularly driven on the street but the truck’s results on this difficult looking obstacle course speaks volumes to the contrary.

Check out the video below that shows what looks to be an old school Chevrolet Tahoe taking on quite a challenging course that presents a variety of obstacles and slipping through it with flying colors.