Chevy Truck driving on two wheels

There are all different kinds of ways to show off your wheels from drifting to drag racing to being in a car show and everything in between, but it looks like these guys had a little bit different plan in mind.

What we have here is none other than your everyday Chevrolet Silverado work truck but what the driver is able to do with the truck is nothing short of amazing as he throws it on its side like it’s nothing!

Watch as the driver throws it sideways, but this is no normal drift! As he comes out of the drift, the truck goes up on two wheels and just when it looks like the driver is about to lose control and roll over, he starts to navigate the truck on two wheels in a truly amazing display of ability!

Check out the video below that shows the driver wheeling his ride on the side with some insane confidence. I’m not even sure how you learn to do something like this, but it looks like this driver has it down pat!