Child Caught Driving Car at High Rate of Speed on a Highway in Mexico!

If you were rolling down the highway and found a car blasting by you at a high rate of speed, the last thing that you’re probably expecting is to look over and see a child behind the wheel. For this driver in Mexico, that’s exactly what they witnessed and they filmed the result!

This kid looks completely confident as he or she speeds through the streets in the SUV with ease, just like an adult! We get the feeling, though, that this youngster is going to have some explaining to do!

Honestly, we’re just surprised that such a little one is able to pilot the car at all, yet alone fit in on a busy highway at high rates of speed with lots of traffic.

Check out the clip below that will leave you confused on whether you should be outraged as a parent or proud. In either situation, this is a crazy sight to say the least. Hopefully, the youngster was able to make it home in one piece.