Cutting Car Battery And Alternator In HALF With A 60,000 PSI Waterjet

As humans we all have certain things we are curious about, one of those is what the insides of mechanical objects look like, wether it be a motor, a flash light or anything that has moving and working parts and pieces. These guys started a channel online and the only thing they have is a waterjet, they ask fans to send in anything they want to see cut in half and these guys will cut it open with the water jet

In this paticular video the guys take an engine and hit it hard with the jet at an amazing 60,000psi cutting it in half with no problem! When the guys open up the engine it shows all of the inner workings of the engine and they show how the motor works. What would you like to see cut in half? Drop it in the comments on facebook

Scope the video below to watch it all go down!