Flaming 2017 F-450 King Ranch

When Ford released their 2017 Ford F-450, we’re not sure if they disclosed that it came with afterburners but one look at this King Ranch would indicate that they do!

It’s not clear what’s wrong with this particular truck, but we would venture to say that the fact that the exhaust is acting as a furnace is something that is far from normal and probably quite dangerous.

Watch as the diesel powered dually rolls along and spits fire out of the glowing red exhaust. The owner, Shelly Shields, says that she has spoken to Ford Canada and was told that it “isn’t their problem” and that the blame falls on the dealer that she purchased it from.

We really have no idea what’s going on here, but we would hope that Shelly finds some sort of solution to this major problem with a truck that costs somewhere north of $70k and is brand new to boot!