Guy Has A Stroke While Driving, Crashes & Takes Out A Street Light!

When you’re out there on the roadways, you never know exactly what is going to happen out there and this time, a motorcycle rider watches a worst case scenario unfold right in front of his eyes.

The rider follows along with his helmet cam as the driver of a Cadillac rolls down the roadway, smashing his way into everything that comes across his path, leaving other motorists to wonder what’s happening.

As he continues, the car eventually rolls to a stop and a whole collection of other motorists who saw the sequence of dangerous incidents stopped to see if they could offer up some help.

Luckily, some people who stopped to help had some medical experience and were able to keep this man with it until he was able to be loaded into an ambulance. From what we’ve gathered via the people on scene, it looks like the man has had a stroke. Hopefully, everything will end up being alright.