Here’s Why The GMC Typhoon Is a Future Classic

What comes to the performance SUV, it’s really an odd market to think about with nameplates coming and going just as fast as they are announced. Even though it is quite the niche, I think the deep down inside, everyone is a little bit turned on by a well put together performance SUV.

Now, today, we have the likes of the SRT8 Jeep, The BMW X5M , and several other players in the market but where did it all began? Who came up with the crazy idea of putting an SUV on the market with the target of rivaling sports cars?

Today, we trace the roots all the way back to the beginning with the GMC Typhoon, a truck that was truly revolutionary for its time and really burst it’s way into a brand new market out of nowhere by shrinking down the SUV and throwing some power at it to make it faster than many sports cars of the time – even a Ferrari!

Now that the Typhoon has aged to nearly a quarter century, we can start looking at it as a collector’s piece instead of a performance machine… Or maybe you want to look at it as both! Take a ride along in the video below that attempts to dissect the typhoon and tell us why it will one day be a future classic.