Hijacking attempt goes seriously wrong as community takes law into their own hands

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls: allow us to tell you that crime doesn’t pay. While in the short term you might get away with it and have some financial gain, in the long term you’re going to feel the ill effects of being a scumbag.

Eventually, odds are that you will probably get caught if you keep up with your underhanded ways of being a deplorable human being and taking from those who are working to keep themselves in the best spot that they can.

This time, we watch the action unfold as a pair of criminals get what they have coming to them when they attempt to steal a car in broad daylight.

We watch online as these fools yank a person out of the car who appears to be elderly just moments before the community jumps on the perps and gives them what they have coming.

Check out the video below as some vigilante justice unfolds in front of our eyes as these guys get stopped in their tracks and seemingly have some sense beaten into them. Hopefully, these two young men are able to remedy their ways in the future.