How Much Nitrous Can a Stock Engine Take?

If you’re looking to make a boat load of power, perhaps one of the quickest ways to satisfy your power goals is to hit whatever setup you have with a shot of nitrous. Even though the bottle has proven to be a reliable power adder for many, there are still some doubters out there that think it’s too dangerous to run. This time, we got to dive a little bit deeper into that theory.

By using a 305 cubic inch Chevrolet with a stock short block and a touch of top end work, the guys over at Motor Trend’s Engine Masters put this engine to the test to see how much nitrous can run through it before something has got to give.

Now, of course, in a demonstration like this you can’t really speak for the longevity of this sort of application but, what you can do, is run the engine through some hard test all while increasing the shot of nitrous to see just where the breaking point lies.

Will they be able to trash the engine if they keep adding more spray to the equation? I guess there’s only one way to find out and that’s by checking out the video for yourself down below. What is your opinion on nitrous? Does this video change the way you look at things at all?