Jeep SRT-8 gets rammed into by a Chevy Blazer! Owner is angry!

When we witnessed these two sitting next to eachother and the title referencing a Blazer “Wrecking” a Jeep SRT-8 we were all stoked and ready to witness a sleeper in action. But what we witnessed was far from it and had us shocked!

We are unsure on the story behind this video, either way the Blazer owner is totally out of line and is probably now banned from racing around that track!

Scope the video below and watch this Jeep owners day go from a great day of racing to a horrible day. His car crashed, facing the wrong way on the track and being in second place. We so wish the filmer would have kept filming to see the beat down or chewing out that the Chevy Blazer owner was going to get. If this was you what would have happen?