Lady Gets Run Over by Her Own Car at an Intersection

If you are going to get out of your car, we would recommend the best practice of putting it in park before doing so, otherwise, something bad could go down.

We can’t help but feel bad for this lady as, after leaving her gas cap off, she gets out to fasten the cap and forgets this crucial step in the process after getting distracted for just a second.

Naturally, as she gets out of the car, it begins to roll under its own accord when left in drive and when she chases it down to hop back in, she ends up falling and being run over by the small SUV.

All of the incident was captured by the vehicle behind the Honda SUV that had a dashcam rolling. The woman must not have been too hurt as the driver of the camera vehicle claims that she was more concerned about the car than she was about any injuries to herself.

Miraculously, thanks to the help of a nearby good Samaritan, the vehicle avoided crashing with any people or cars in the crowded intersection before coming to rest on a tree.