Lamborghini Shooting Flames (Twin Turbo Gallardo)

As car fanatics, we might be seen as a little bit strange by the majority of people out there. It’s kind of tough to explain why we spend countless hours doing research, watching YouTube videos, and gawking over different car combinations that we find to be appealing.

While it might be tough to explain to someone who quite doesn’t get why you just spent a whole month’s earnings on making your car one second faster at the drag strip or five mph faster in the half mile, a video like this might just help them to get that feeling that all of us seem to have tingling throughout our spine.

This time, we drop in on a Lamborghini Gallardo sporting a twin turbo kit that most certainly will have this car turning up that power dial just a little bit and has one awesome side effect that was caught on film here – the car shoots some pretty impressive flames!

The camera is rolling and it managed to capture the video down below that sets the scene as this Lambo driver smashes the throttle a couple of times, sending out a harmonic tune that’s music to our ears along with the byproduct that gets a little bit hot as this car spits some fire! You’ve got to see this one for yourself!