Long bed to short bed conversion fraud

Lied and defrauded on 1971 Chevrolet c10 short bed

“TahoeKid” Who  recently purchased a 1971 Chevrolet c10 Cheyenne short bed…allegedly!!! I saw an ad on Craigslist posted from Santa Rosa, ca it read:1971 Chevrolet c10 Cheyenne short bed completely restored..alleged.. The previous owner stated that he purchased the c10 from the original owner out of Modesto, ca that it was restored close to original state not 100% restored, but a solid 7-8 out of 10 I have now learned though another party that one of the two scenarios has occurred.  The details on the glove box options sheet show the cab is 127 wheelbase, not the 115 short bed wheel base… That being said: 1. Either its a long bed cab on a short bed chassis, or 2. It’s a long bed truck cut down to short bed specs (i believe this is more than likely was done)

I was so wrapped up in that the truck has a clear title and the vin matched the drivers door tag, i did not notice the 127 wb on the glove options sheet. However, i did ask the p/o 3-5 times that the c10 is a “factory” short bed truck, and he assured me every time i asked that it was indeed a factory short bed. I bought the truck on 9/29/12 and recently found out that the facts of the c10 have been misrepresented as i feel to be fraudulent. If it had been stated that the truck is an original long bed, all interest in the truck would have been dissolved to purchase .

WARNING  Always make sure to check for Long bed To Short Bed conversions before purchasing a Chevrolet classic truck! Bellow is the actual truck