Mega Throwback – Burnouts in honor of Flip – Street Outlaw Burnouts!

In the gearhead community, when a comrade falls, we like to remember him or her in the only way that we know how, with a set of smoky burnouts. It might not make sense to someone on the outside of this community but, essentially, it provides a very last way of paying our respects and getting a little bit of closure for a lost friend.

Today, we watch in on a throwback video as a variety of cars participate in commemorative burnouts following the funeral of a friend to the racing community in Tyler “Flip” Priddy from the 405. With a loss like this, there’s no way that it will be easy, but in the racing community, you can bet that everyone is going to pull together and try to help one another out.

We watch as anybody who wanted to remember Flip, including the likes of everyone from the Dominator to Farmtruck pay homage. Without personally knowing him, I can really say that it looks like he was a beloved figure in the community by the rather large turnout that showed up to say their last goodbye with their smoke shows.

The video below shows us a sad scene as 8-minutes worth of cars light ’em up to submit their condolences to a lost friend in the best way that we know how. It’s really sad to see such a loved friend go, but the overwhelming amount of support really is a lot to help push through a hard situation like this one.