NBC Caught Lying About Chevrolet Trucks Exploding

Everybody knows that the news can sway to one political side or the other, using stories to bolster their point of view and leaving out others.

Being politically biased is one thing, but in this situation, NBC decided to straight up fabricate an entire story and lie in order to get those coveted television viewers to sell more advertising.

In this one, we check out the situation that has NBC caught in their tracks about helping out a crash test result that said that Chevrolet pickup trucks actually explode upon impact.

Instead of doing an impartial test, they placed incendiary devices along the bottom of the truck, designed to start a fire if any gasoline should spew out of the gas tank.

On top of that, they also fibbed about the tank being punctured on impact and neglected to tell everyone that the wrong gas cap was in place.

Sure, this newscast might be old and dated, but it is really scary to think about a corporation that is supposed to bring you the real happenings of the world but is out there making up fake stories.