OSHA worker arrives at excavation site just in time

If you haven’t heard of OSHA, aka the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, basically what they do is head from job to job in order to make sure that the people on hand are operating in a way that’s safe. It might seem unnecessary, but with money being a main motivator, some superiors might try to make their workers do things that aren’t so safe in order to get tasks done quicker and more efficiently.

This time, we check in with just one of the many situations in which OSHA has come in handy and it just so happens to unfold right when the worker from OSHA is walking up on the scene.

We watch as the compliance officer comes up and tells the workers on the job site that the hole that they are working in doesn’t really look like it’s up to standard. Just as he is telling them about the safety hazard, the side of the hole comes falling in, causing the worker that’s standing down there to have to jump to another beam so he doesn’t get pounded with rubble.

Check out the video below as the compliance officer arrives just at the right time as to possibly save this worker from some injury as the falling dirt collapses behind his jump.