Power Drifting a 240Hp Suzuki Hayabusa!

It might just appear as if drifting is as simple as having a high horsepower car that can break traction and be thrown sideways in a series of smoky momentum filled burnouts. I can guarantee you that it takes a lot more talent, focus, and natural ability than that to be any good at it, though.

Now, just imagine taking all of those factors and also removing two wheels from the equation so that now, you’re looking at what it takes to be able to slide sideways, all while maintaining balance on a high-powered motorcycle.

This time, that’s exactly what we’re looking at as we check out a couple of Suzuki Hayabusa machines, drifting through the streets and laying down thick black marks as the rear tires spin out of control and somehow, the riders manage to maintain their balance as they zip around in all sorts of physics defying maneuvers.

Ride along with the insane display of ability down below that has these guys carving up the streets with no holds barred grit and adrenaline that will really have you glued to the screen to see exactly what they are about to do next!