Range Rover Flies Off Huge Highway Overpass!

With crashes like this it leads you to wonder how it all went down, but in the long run, we’re just happy to know that even after that brutal bump, both driver and passenger are alive and kickin’ and that there was nobody waiting below to eat a flying Range Rover.

As captured on this security footage, we watch as this Range Rover takes one heck of a lick as it flies off of a highway overpass and slams down on the ground.

It looks like maybe it was tangled up with another SUV as just seconds before, on the footage from the top of the overpass, another driver passes by the camera, scraping along the wall as if the driver were also out of it. Moments after, the second truck is going on the ride of its life with a pair of people inside!

It’s wild to watch the camera from the lower level as the impact is captured and the occupants are able to get out under their own power. You would think that with a wrecked carcass like that, the folks inside would at least be temporarily dazed and crippled, but that’s simply not the case here. These people are incredibly lucky to have walked away with just minor injuries.