Street Outlaws Daddy Dave Testing on Drag Radials! Pulls Huge Wheelie!

With Lights Out 8 starting today Street Outlaws star Daddy Dave has been testing on his new drag radial setup this entire past week and he has been dialing it in so he can take some heads out and make some killer passes in Georgia this week. this is the first time Goliath has been on drag radials and we are stoked to see how Dave does at Lights Out this week.

The first clip is one of his very first passes and he pulls the wheels sky high almost wrecking the car, luckily he was able to lay it down without too much harm. The next clip is later in the day after Dave was able to dial in the suspension and get everything straighten out with the chassis. Looks like he has it all dialed now and is ready for Lights Out 8 this week.

Check out the video below and let us know how you think he is going to do at Lights Out 8!