Texas man’s GT-R taken for joyride by tow truck driver

According to ABC13, Brian Montgomery of Pearland, Texas was having some transmission trouble with his Nissan GT-R. On Sunday, October 23, he had the hobbled car towed to a nearby Nissan dealership to have the transmission checked out, but strangely enough the car didn’t arrive until Monday afternoon. When Montgomery picked the car up on Tuesday, he noticed a few things missing from the cabin so he checked his dashcam. He discovered that the tow truck driver had taken the GT-R home, unloaded it from the flatbed, and taken it for a joyride.

instead of taking the car right to the dealership, The Tow Truck driver took the car to his own house, where he drove the car around his residential neighborhood, apparently reaching speeds up to 75 mph and spinning the tires.