The All New PAL-V Flying Car is Officially For Sale at $400,000

A new flying car has been unveiled and it is only for those with fat pockets. It is clled the PAL-V Liberty and it has officially gone on sale for around 400 grand. This new flying car is actually powered by two fully certified Rotax airplane engines.

When driving the car, a lowered suspension and tilting cockpit adds to a very ‘sports car feel’ says the company who created the PAL-V. The car can transform into a gyroplane in under 10 minutes not bad when you are trying to fly over all that morning traffic when late to meeting.

The PAL-V needs as little as 90 meters to take off from either a grass or concrete airstrip. Maximum flight speed is 110mph with a 310 mile range. The rig is fully compliant with existing safety regulations on both the ground and in the air, anybody wanting to be an owners will need a license to fly.