The Stickler Log Splitter Uses Your Car to Split Logs! Dangerous?

If you need to get a whole collection of logs split up so that they’re more usable, then doing the job by hand would be possible but the old fashioned way just looks like a lot more unnecessary work, especially when you consider all of the relevant technology that’s come out for every purpose these days.

This time, we check out a little attachment for your car that will use the car’s spinning hubs to grab hold of a piece of wood and, thanks to a graded and threaded surface, split the wood apart from the center, making the job much easier than having to swing an axe all day long!

Check out the video below as this man hooks up the splitter to a Jeep Grand Cherokee and goes to town, learning some important safety info along the way about the Stickler Log Splitter that could help make this thing both safe and effective for anyone who has a big log splitting job ahead of them.