The Ultimate Toolbox

When it comes to picking out the right toolbox, there are tons of options to choose from. This time, we’re going to talk only about the toolboxes that are made to fit into your truck to tow your tools along with you as we think that we have found the one that is the coolest of them all.

Now, normally one would just buy a generic box and fasten it right behind their rear window or maybe if you picked up a certain kind of pickup truck, it already has some toolboxes built in that you can use to store some important tools. This time, we found something that trumps all of the above.

Instead of anything that looks anywhere near generic, this guy has decided to build his very own custom tool storage system that makes the entire side of the truck bed open up to reveal the tools that are stacked neatly underneath.

You can check the box out for yourself down in the video demonstration below that shows the sides of the truck opening thanks to some hydraulics. If this isn’t a cool and mobile box, then we aren’t really sure what qualifies as one.