This Boeing trailer was so long, the tail end had its own driver/operator

We have seen big trucks boasting the “oversize load” banner, showing that the cargo on board is hanging off of the side of the truck a little bit further than a single road lane might support or perhaps that the truck is a little bit longer than normal and therefore, less maneuverable.

However, this time, we check out a major load taken to a new level as this Boeing trailer not only has the rig towing up front with the cab but also an operator out back to control the second half of the load.

It has to be an interesting perspective piloting the rear of the trailer from right in front of the final axle to make sure that everything is in line as this monster of a truck barrels down the highway.

Check out the video below that offers a unique perspective on piloting this massive load. Whatever cargo is on board has to boast one heck of a price tag to warrant such a chariot.