This Guy Took His Dodge Viper to CarMax For an Appraisal… Here is What Happened!

Whether we like to admit it or not, as car fans, we probably put a lot more value on our rides than they are really worth to most people in the marketplace. Now, this isn’t because they are something that will fail to hold their value, but rather, instead of being sold to a mass market, they should be sold some more of a niche that most dealers just don’t have the time or presence for.

Now, with a company like CarMax, they aren’t exactly looking for those hard to sell cars, even if they could end up bringing some pretty big money. Instead, they’re kind of looking for the cars that will fly right off a lot that consumers will be attracted to widely instead of just a couple of people. With a company like that, it only makes sense.

This time, however, we see what happens when Doug DeMuro tomorrow takes his Dodge Viper up to Carmax to get his very own appraisal. Now, being a 20-year-old car, this isn’t necessarily something that they’re probably going to want to buy so going into the whole experience, Doug definitely has lowered his expectations to a reasonable level.

Check out the video down below that shows what happens when Doug heads into the massive resale dealership and has the people that work there appraise the car to see exactly what they deem it to be worth given that they are probably going to send it straight to the wholesale lot anyway.