This is cool, Clear valve covers on a small block Chevy V8

With normal valve covers, the composite used keeps you out of the loop on what is exactly going on inside of your motors heads. With the genius use of these clear valve covers, we can get a great view at what’s going on inside as it’s happening. They would be perfect for any show car! Watch as the engine fires up and we can see the springs get to working and the oil squirting out just as it should.

In this video you get a view of clear valve covers as the engine starts up – oil only shoots up when you step on it; oil runs off completely after 5-7 minutes. We’re kind of curious what these things are made of and what kind of heat they can stand up to. They’re too cool and we would love to invest in a set for ourselves just for fun to check them out.

Watch the video below and check out the coolest valve covers we have ever seen! No pulling the valve covers to check if the lifters are good or not now!