This is exactly why you don’t unload your jet ski with A Camaro at the beach

If you thought you were having a bad day today then you should take some time and appreciate just how bad life currently is for the owner/driver of this new Chevrolet Camaro. OUCH! Salt water damage is not fun to deal with!

This poor dude actually thought he was going to have a day of fun on his jet skis and had the bright idea of unlaoding them with his 2wd Camaro, but instead he ended up destroying his Camaro! We understand that the Chevy is more than capable of pulling a few jet skis with it’s v8 that has plenty of torque, but driving it up on the beach wasn’t the smartest decision. He doesen’t math very well

Check out the funny video below as a good Samaritan in a Jeep tries to help out and pull the heavy Chevy out of its new found home aka the ocean. We’re most certainly no professionals in this realm of things, but we would be inclined to think that this car is a goner unless he cleans it thouroughly so the salt water doesen’ eat the car up!