This man didn’t like a C10 truck at a car show, here is his reaction!

At this point in our lives and in the automotive world, we have come to the conclusion that everybody like something different and we don’t judge other enthusiasts with what they choose to do with their cars. While you might not particularly like somebodies tastes in mods or cars you still appreciatte their love for the automotive industry.

Most of the time when we see something we don’t like we turn the other way or just know that this is the way it is and there is no changing what that guy likes! Whatever makes him or her happy! We watch as this truck is leaving a car show and blows his loud train horn to show off what he’s built, then out of nowhere comes a man who can’t seem to stand what this kid has done! He probably got scared of the horn and was embarrassed.

Watch the video below to get both sides of the argument and let us know what side you take and who was in the right vs who was in the wrong!