Twighlight Zone Corvette Crash – What Just happened?

We have never been ones to jump to conclusions, but if something has ever looked like a case of insurance fraud, this would most definitely be it.

We watch as, for some reason, a cameraman stands on the side of the road, filming a slow rolling Chevrolet Corvette as it drives on by – nothing out of the ordinary about that, right?

Things start to get weird when the car approaches a piece of concrete sticking out of the ground and, instead of braking, the driver smashes the accelerator to rip off the front of the car.

As if that wasn’t weird enough, the car veers back across the road toward a body of water on the other side and again accelerates toward the hazard instead of trying to avoid it.

We aren’t lawyers and we can’t get inside of the heads of these people, so we will leave the decision making up to you. What in the world was happening during this odd situation?