Woman drives on sidewalk to avoid stopping for school bus

Some people really do things that are difficult to wrap your head around. Stopping for a school bus unloading children really isn’t that hard and should only take maybe a minute of your time to preserve the safety of the young ones onboard.

When it comes to passing such a bus with the red lights out, the result is a pretty heinous traffic offense with a big time fine, but this driver doesn’t really seem to care much as apparently they have been using the sidewalk to avoid stopping for a school bus for some time now.

It looks like they have done it enough that the bus driver has set up a sort of sting operation to make sure that the driver in question meets the consequences for their actions and the justice served here is oh so satisfying.

Check out the video below as the bus driver stands by and records the action as the Jeep uses the sidewalk to wheel around the bus and is instantly pulled over by a nearby police officer. How hard is it really to stop a couple of seconds for a school bus? It’s probably a lot easier than whatever fine this driver is going to have to pay.