Woman smashes $200,000 Bentley into wall

If there’s one thing that we have learned from all of the dumb driving mistake videos circulating around the Internet it’s that you should never and we mean ever get out of your car when it isn’t in park or doesn’t have the parking brake pulled up.

This time, we check out a scenario in which a woman meets that fatal mistake and it isn’t with just any car. it just so happens that she is driving around in a $200,000 Bentley. You would think that when someone owns a car that is worth as much as many houses, they would take the time to make sure that they’re taking extra special care of it.

However, this time the driver’s complacency costs are big-time as she gets out of the car to pay a parking fee at which point the car manages to roll away, down the ramp before slamming right on into a wall. This is definitely something that could and should have been prevented with a little bit of wherewithal.

If you dare to watch the situation unfolded, the crash was all caught on camera and could be seen down below. It’s really hard to imagine a situation where someone could really make this big of a mistake.